Submit SAMPL7 protein-ligand virtual screening predictions

Use the form below to upload your submission for the SAMPL7 protein-ligand stage 2 (pose prediction) challenge. Please ensure you use the format template provided in the `protein_ligand` directory on the GitHub site, as per the provided submission instructions. Your submission file must use the required "PHIP2" name prefix and submission format (in this case, a .tar.gz file of a single directory containing the required files) to be correctly processed.

If your file is correctly processed, you should reach an acknowledgments page indicating it has been successfully received after you press the "submit" button, otherwise you should receive an error message. Some common file format errors will result in helpful error messages in the form of a bullet-point list; others may result in an Exception with a traceback. If you repeatedly receive the latter after checking your submission against the provided submission formats on GitHub, feel free to contact us via e-mail for help troubleshooting.

Disclaimers: By uploading your data via this form, you consent to have your submission(s) and their contents made available publicly in the SAMPL7 GitHub repository (following challenge close) along with those of the other participants, under the CC-BY 4.0 license applied to that repository, meaning that (among other things) others can reuse your data, with proper attribution, in their own research. Additionally, you agree that we are not responsible for any errors you have made in preparing this file; we are accepting the file in "as is" form.